Are you playing a role in the transformations towards a sustainable future of the PNG Mining sector? Be a part of the 2024 PNG Expo!

In 2024, the PNG Expo will bring together leading companies championing sustainability in the mining industry under one roof. Will you be joining us?

From renewable energy solutions to energy efficiency and waste management and recycling, PNG Expo bring all these technologies together. Take the opportunity to showcase your sustainable services to a global audience and enhane your brand visibility.

Industry leaders like Rexel and MOMA Solar have joined the show, to display their solutions for a sustainable future.

In light of the increasing focus on environmental and sustainable commitments, PNG Expo paves the way for visionary businesses committed to driving positive change.

“PNG Expo will be the platform to engage and drive transformative changes towards a sustainable future.” Show Director Lauren Chartres said. “Our mission is to equip the industry with the right tools.”

Sustainability is a new feature of the PNG Expo and is already selling out prime positions. To find out if it’s the right fit for you, download the brochure.