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Across the two-day show, experts from the mining and resources sector will be attending the conference presenting on crucial topics for the local industry.

The conference is an opportunity to hear from experts from across landowners, government, mining, energy, petroleum, infrastructure presenting on topics on opportunities that exists within the PNG resources sector.

Sessions will focus on a variety of topics, featuring presentations followed by an engaging panel discussion with the audience.

Conference Schedule

11:00 am - 11:30 am


Jerry Nombri Garry, Managing Director, Mineral Resources Authority PNG

Jerry Nombri Garry Jerry Nombri Garry
11:30 am - 11:45 am

Creating a better environment through financial institutions for green and sustainable investments

Mohinesh Prasad, Director, Green Finance Centre (Bank of PNG)

Mohinesh Prasad Mohinesh Prasad
12:30 pm - 12:50 pm

Doing Business in PNG: Austrade Perspective

Titus Hela, Country Manager PNG, Aspen Medical Kembol Kaikipae, Business Development, Austrade

Titus Hela Titus Hela
Kembol Kaikipae Kembol Kaikipae
12:50 pm - 1:10 pm

Emerging Methods of Driving Innovation in Mining

Sheldon Varcoe, Manager - International Projects, Austmine

Sheldon Varcoe Sheldon Varcoe
2:00 pm - 2:20 pm

Kramer Ausenco: JV introduction

Adam Kramer, Managing Director, Kramer Ausenco

Adam Kramer Adam Kramer
2:20 pm - 2:40 pm

Concept Tanks: an introduction

Darcy Nielsen, Key Account Manager, Concept Tanks Phil Hollywood, CEO, Entacon

Darcy Nielsen Darcy Nielsen
Phil Hollywood Phil Hollywood
3:30 pm - 3:45 pm

Creating a Strong Community “Social Licence” by Embracing Innovation and Collaboration for a Sustainable Future

Bill Haylock, Director, PX4

Bill Haylock Bill Haylock
3:45 pm - 4:00 pm

Experts in the Physics of Payload Efficiency

Brad Higgins, GM Sales APAC/EMEA, Austin Engineering

Brad Higgins Brad Higgins
10:15 am - 10:30 am

Sponsor Presentation

D&T Hydraulics

D&T Hydraulics D&T Hydraulics
10:30 am - 10:50 am

Case Study

Nigel Bluett, Operations Manager - Australia & Pacific Islands, Minprovise

Nigel Bluett Nigel Bluett
11:30 am - 11:45 am

Redefining Fuel Security in PNG

Nathan Bluett, CEO, Islands Petroleum

Nathan Bluett Nathan Bluett
11:50 am - 12:10 pm

The importance of PPE & LOTO

Paul Thomson, Senior Sales Executive, 3M Safety Matt Gilligan, Hand Protection Specialist, Mayo Hardware Chris Beaton, National Major Accounts Manager, Blundstone James Stalker, Export Business Development Manager, Blackwoods

Paul Thomson Paul Thomson
Matt Gilligan Matt Gilligan
Chris Beaton Chris Beaton
James Stalker James Stalker
1:00 pm - 1:20 pm

Technical Education and Corporate Training in Port Moresby and throughout PNG from the perspective of IEA TAFE College

Cherie Litwiller, Director Education & CPD, IEA College of TAFE

Cherie Litwiller Cherie Litwiller
2:15 pm - 2:30 pm

The sustainability of investing in the local workforce, joint ventures, and community engagement

Vele Rupa, GM Corporate Affairs, Steamships

Vele Rupa Vele Rupa
2:30 pm - 2:45 pm

Empowering Pacific Decarbonisation: Sustainable Energy Transition

Russell Grant, Director, Genoffgrid

Russell Grant Russell Grant